A Modern Thriving Society Test 8

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In the London Olympic Games of 2012 what was the position of the medal tally of Great Britain?

The historic festival of Halloween comes under which of the following?

Which of these characters appear in the books written by Charles Dickens?

Which sport played between England and Australia is associated with The Ashes?

In Liverpool what is the name of the famous horse-race held?

Who is the founder of the Aldeburgh music festival in Suffolk?

Who was the 17th century organiser at Westminster Abbey who developed British style of church and opera music?

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is funded through television licences. How are the other television channels primarily funded?

What is the timing of the two-minute silence that is observed on Remembrance Sunday?

What is known by Clarice Cliff?

Where is Poets Corner situated?

Fill in the gap with appropriated word.Golf can be traced back to _______century in Scotland ?

Who is the writer of the poem ‘She Walks in Beauty’?

Is the statement below TRUE or FALSE?

As part of the UKs new millennium celebrations the London Eye was built.

Is the statement below TRUE or FALSE?

It is on the decision of the licensee that a Nightclub or Pub will be kept open.

What word would best fit to complete the name of this British film: Passport to _____

What is the name of the renowned rugby league competition for clubs?

What is known as Historic Scotland?

Which important group of 19th century had the following famous personalities Holman Hunt, Millais and Rossetti as their members?

Fill the gap from the following to complete the title of piece of music by Sir William Walton: Balthazars ________

Fill the gap with the right choice On an average, girls are found to leave school with _____ than boys.

With what material the surface of the Wimbledon Tennis Court made where the Championships matches are played?

Which of the following horse-racings has the Royal Title since the Queen and other members of the Royal family attend?

Fill in the gap with correct word.Sir Steve Redgrave won _________Olympic gold medals?

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