A Modern Thriving Society Test 5

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Which of the following was featured in the animated films which has crowned Nick Park with 3 Oscars?

Which work of JRR Tolkien was voted as the best-loved novel of 2003 in the UK?

What is the name of the famous book written by Chaucers? The Canterbury ________

Who is the writer of the poem The Tyger?

Which city in UK is famous for its celebration of Diwali the Hindu and Sikh festival?

Who or what are Vets known as?

Below mentioned dates are called National saint’s day. Which of these days is incorrect?

Upon which of the following wars did the poets Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon write?

Even though the Festival of Lights is a non-Christian festival, what is term by which it is known as?

Which of the following is not associated with Halloween?

Which is the traditional food of Northern Ireland?

Which decade saw the Punk movement originating in Britain?

Which landscape painter’s name is associated Dedham Vale located on the Essex-Suffolk border?

In which type of film was Charlie Chaplin famous for?

Approximately, what proportion of the workforce comprise of Women in Britain?

Fill the gap with appropriate choice. The longest road distance,of 870 miles or 1,400 kilometres in mainland Britain, is between John o' Groats and _______.

Following is a list year wise population of the UK. Which of these figures is not correct?

What is best described to the area where people can visit, live, work and enjoy watching the landscape?

What is the name of the only Briton cyclist having won the Tour de France cycle race?

What is the name assigned to the day on which people send cards to someone they admire, anonymously?

In which part of the UK did Sir Chris Hoy, the famous cyclist, was born?

What is the capital city of the UK?

Church of Wales and the Church of Ulster are the only established Churches in Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Archbishop of Canterbury can also be described as :

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