A Modern Thriving Society Test 4

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Which of these statements is incorrect?

Although the Archbishop of Canterbury and other senior church officials, are appointed by the monarch but who are the authority of selecting them?

Who authored the novel, Sense and Sensibility?

Europe’s longest dry ski slope is situated near:

In Lake District which is the largest stretch of water?

Which of the following was voted as the Britain’s Favourite View in 2007?

What is the name of the capital city of Scotland?

Identify the name of the person who was the first to sail single-handed around the world?

Thomas Gainsborough the renowned painter of 18th century is best known for which of the following?

Indicate the correct statement.

Which of the following Desserts are prepared from a snack made from flour, dried fruits and spices and served either hot or cold?

What is the other name for The famous All England Lawn Tennis Club at Wimbledon?

From the following list identify the name of the Nobel Prize winner in Literature?

What is the name of the bird that is traditionally associated with Christmas in the UK?

In which English county is the Eden Project situated?

What number of days are considered in Lent period?

What is the name of the organisation established in 1895 having over 61000 volunteers who works on preservation of important buildings, countryside, coastlines etc?

Who has built the Tower of London?

Which country have sanctioned a Bank holiday in memory of The Battle of Boyne?

In which country does the cultural festival, The National Eisteddfod takes place?

Where in London are the four shortlisted works for the Turner Prize housed at?

In England which of these places hosts the famous summer music festival held?

What is the Edinburgh Fringe?

What was the population in the year 1600 in the UK?