A Modern Thriving Society Test 2

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In the British countryside which of the following cannot be considered as a leisure activity?

Which of the family member was Muslim prophet Ibrahim willing to sacrifice before God?

Which of the following books are not an work of Graham Greene?

Which of the following are traditional PUB /public house activities?

Which of these is not a Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera?

In which sport Ellie Simmonds is a Paralympic gold medallist?

Whiich building in London has The Elizabeth Tower as one of its part?

In which of these years Britain did not host the Olympic Games?

Sir Anthony Van Dyck was a famous:

Which statement out of the following is correct?

For which of these sport activities are there ample opportunities in the UK?

What is the full form of BAFTA the British equivalent of the Oscars?

Once Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the Parliament House. In which year was that?

Fill the gap with appropriate month’s name, to complete the line of the poem ‘HOME THOUGHTS FROM ABROAD’ BY Robert Browning. Oh, to be in England now that _____s there .

What is the name of the Scottish painter who is the creator of the work The Origin of Painting?

What are biomes known as, which are found in the Eden Project?

Many television programmes in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are broadcasted in a different language.

Yorkshire Pudding is a famous delicacy. What exactly is it?

Which of these is not a renowned architect?

How many national parks are there in England, Wales and Scotland?

Every year Formula 1 Grand Prix race is held in Britain.

What is the full form of the acronym BBC which is publicly financed broadcasting system in the UK?

What is the capital city of Wales?

Is there anything wrong with the following statement? Sir Ian Botham was the captain of the England rugby team.

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