A Modern Thriving Society Test 10

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What Christian name did Vaughan Williams, the composer who died in 1958 had?

Which of the following statements about Good Friday is incorrect?

Who designed the Queens House at Greenwich?

Which is the capital city of Northern Ireland?

Which word is missing from this statement? In Scotland the national Church is the Church of Scotland, which is a ______ Church.

What are the initials of R.L. Stevenson who the all time famous book Treasure Island and Kidnapped?

Which of the following was known as a famous satirical television programme?

Traditionally which is the day maintained to eat pancakes?

Is the statement below TRUE or FALSE?

Edinburgh is the place for Scottish Exhibition and Conference centre.

In which field of the arts Henry Moore became famous in?

Which of the following in the initial stage were music hall performers but later excelled as television stars?

In which of these Anglo-Saxon poem we find its hero’s fighting against monsters?

Against which other team does British soccer team play in the UEFA Champions league?

For how many days do the Muslims maintain fasting during the period of Ramadan which comes to an end with Eid al-Fitr?

Is this statement TRUE or FALSE?

UK currency comprises of 5 currencies- £5, £10, £20, £50 and £100.

From this list of personalities who is not famous as a poet?

In which athletics event did Jessica Ennis win an Olympic gold medal?

Which of the famous sport is connected with Cowes on the Isle of Wight?

What is the name of the British architect who designed New Delhi as the seat of government in India?

William Shakespeare wrote a number of sonnets. What do you understand by sonnets?

In which county is Hardwick Hall located?

Around which place in London does the programme of Eight week long Prom organised by BBC?

Scottish bank notes and Northern Irish bank notes are legal throughout the UK, but do the shops and business establishment required by law to accept them?

Which part of London has more number of theatres?

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