A Modern Thriving Society Test 1

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Is the statement below TRUE or FALSE? Out of the four major worldwide golf tournaments one is played in the UK.

Fill up the gap with the most suitable word to complete the name of a famous TV series: Monty Pythons Flying _____.

The UK currency is denoted by the symbol £ and is termed as :

What word should be put in the blank: It is enshrined in law that The Law in the UK have clearly spelt, that men and women in the UK have equal rights to work, own property, marry and _____.

In which country the highest mountain Snowdon is situated?

In the present work scenario of male dominated occupations it is observed more female executives are occupying high level positions holding manager and senior manager positions, than in the past, also men are found to be working in varied positions than before.

Which word is missing from this statement? During the Christmas Day dinner people enjoy special meal that includes roasted ____, Christmas pudding and mince pies.

White people mostly from common ethnic groups are used for surveys. They include people of Australian, Canadian, European, New Zealand and ____ descent. Fill in the gap mentioning the other group from the list who were also used.

In which British city is the Royal Crescent located?

From the following which of these is not a UK regional language?

What would you think of the statement if it is found to have been published in newspaper. ‘Aliens from Mars have landed in Heathrow airport in spaceship and captured British Prime Minister’.

Who acts as the Moderator In the Church of Scotland?

Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland combine to form one team in the six nations Rugby union tournament.

In the UK gender discrimination is strictly prohibited legally and also discrimination upon marital status is not supported.

What was the highest honour received by Kelly Holmes, who was also two times winner of Olympic Gold?

Fill in the gap with correct percentage. Post war immigration scenario of Britain shows that nearly _____ of the ancestors are born outside UK.

In the pop art movement of 1960s who was the famous artist born in 1937 became renowned for his contribution.

Out of the following which film was the earliest in 1949?

Since which event of the 1530s the Church of England is existing?

Who is the writer of the Harry Potter series of books?

In the UK, it is a public holiday on 25th December because of Christmas Day and birth of whom is celebrated on this day?

As the Jewish religion how many candles does a menorah have?

Following religious buildings are largely found in UK, Buddhist temples, Islamic mosques, Hindu temples, Sikh gurdwaras and Jewish _____. Fill the gap from following choices.

In which country did the game of golf originated?