Life in the UK Mock Practice Test 3

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In which modern-day country was the composer George Frederick Handel born?

What is the name of the First person in England to have printed books in Printing Press?

Henry VIII was a famous king because of the following reasons.

What is a bank holiday?

Is the statement below True or False.

The people with Scottish nationality can be called a British Citizen.

Is the statement below True or False.

Northern Ireland is a part of Great Britain.

For how many years did the Romans rule Britain after their invasion in AD 43 ?

In which year did maximum death occur because of Black death?

Why was Hadrian’s Wall built ?

Why did the supporters of York and House of Lancaster fight?

Which TWO are English Civil War battles?

Is the statement below True or False.

All the citizens of the UK can choose which law they want to follow.

The Union Flag consists of three crosses. One is St George’s. Who do the other TWO crosses represent?

Which court would you use to get money back that was owed to you?

Which of the following statements is correct?

To which TWO international bodies does the UK belong?

Is the statement below True or False.

During the coronation of Mary a declaration of rights was read which confirmed ‘A king could not raise Taxes or administer justice without parliament’

What was the preferred language of the Royal court and the Parliament in 1400?

In which year was Kingdom of Great Britain created when the treaty of Union was agreed upon?

Where is the UK Parliament based?

Which queen is remembered for her rebellion against the Romans?

Why did the Vikings come to Britain ?

The Enlightenment led to major developments in which TWO areas?

Once you are aged 17 or older, which TWO vehicles can you learn to drive?