Free Life in the UK Practice Test 9

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The local authority is funded by

Since 1801, UK Census was carried out in all the following years except in

What is the population of United Kingdom (2013)?

For solving dispute between neighbours the best method would be to have a

Awareness on sexual health and contraception is given by

In General Election of 2001, less than 50% of the voters were found to be below the age of 25.

Exclusively after the approval the cabinet, the parliament receives the policy for consent

The pattern of excessive consumption of alcohol in one go or over a short period of time to get quicker intoxication is called

What are the mandatory services in UK?

What is the distance between the North coast of Scotland and the South coast of England?

During voting in the House of Commons a group of MPs are given the assignment of ensuring the discipline and attendance of other MPs. What is the term used to call this?

Citizenship is included in National Curriculum

What is the UK population percentage declaring themselves as Christians.

British citizens born and naturalized in British territory and if they are on the electoral register can have the privilege of civic rights and jury duties services and also the right to vote in all elections.

People with low income are given an option of Council Tax Benefit

Selection of Judges is the responsibility of

It is necessary for students to have education on religion, but parents should not compel them on this.

There is no restriction against smoking in public places.

Carrying out checks on property’s condition and structures are the responsibility of

Since the members of the Welsh Assembly speak both the languages the Assembly publications are printed in English as well as Welsh.

How would you define a Boxing Day?

In the Universities number of girls found to be more than that of boys.

Majority population of Britain are not in support of women working in UK?

Which court is responsible for matters related to employment?