Free Life in the UK Practice Test 8

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On motorways and carriageways speed limit of car to be maintained at

Where is Northern Ireland assembly situated?

Constitution of UK is prepared by

People opting to buy a house in Scotland need to initially go to

Minor injuries and illnesses are treated in NHS Walk – in- centres all through the week

The Monarchs are neither popular nor important amongst the British population.

Selection of MEPs takes place after

During an accident which one of these is a crime?

Indicate the period during which laws against sex discrimination in the workplace was passed

Students of what age sit for GCSE?

When did the women of Britain win the right to vote with men

A two minute silence was observed by maximum people at the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, in 1911 to mark the end of world war I.

Hard drugs and crime has no link

People often get trolled by the news and reports from Television, Radios, Internet, fake stories etc

Who is the speaker in the House of Commons?

During Guy Fawkes Nights in 1605 few Catholics plotted kill the King by blowing up the Parliament with gunpowder.

Fathers nowadays are participating more in raising the family thereby resulting in increase of equality of role of parents.

Who is the supreme governor of the Church of England since its beginning?

The spiritual leader in the Church of England is called

Majority of the Ethnic minority group live in England

Who is authorised for appointment and dismissal of ministers of the state?

Which general election experienced the first time voter’s ratio as 1:5?

Before the 1970s women often faced discrimination at the workplace

What is age for staging pension of men?