Free Life in the UK Practice Test 7

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Population percentage in Scotland’s is

As per the census of 2002 what is the percentage of UK population residing in Scotland

Validity of Driving license outside the EU is

Which of the following happens to be the largest minority group ?

In order to visit parliament a person should have his name in the electoral register

Percentage of Discount on television license, offered to blind people is

Among which of the following factors, the water charges is calculated In the absence of water meter?

Population has declined in the North East and North West of England?

L plates to be mandatorily put with vehicles when they are driven

Senior Party members who are in the opposition and who shadow Government Ministers in various sectors are called

It is observed Children are very commonly engaged for working in

The European Parliament is only authorised to analyse the proposals, decisions and expenditure of the European commission

The ethnic minority population in Britain is 45%

Is Britain’s constitution existing in written form

How many members do the Welsh Assembly constitutes of ?

Gunpowder plot took place on

The speed limit of a car or dual carriage on a motorway way is

The rules concerning how Ministers should conduct their duties is contained in 'The Ministerial Code: A Code of Ethics and Procedural Guidance for Ministers'. TRUE or FALSE?

If parents of a child are unmarried, only the mother is allowed to have the child’s birth registered

Parliament is the highest legislative authority in the UK. TRUE or FALSE?

With which game is Wimbledon Championship associated?

Newspapers can express their own views while reporting and commenting on their own reports

In which year did the women of Britain receive right to vote at the same age as men?

During the 16th and 18th centuries the objective of arrival of the Protestant Huguenots in Britain was to