Free Life in the UK Practice Test 6

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A cabinet is composed of very large committee.

Which place does Santa Claus emerges from

Number of countries a Commonwealth comprises of

House of Lords enjoys the privilege to

Percentage of white population in UK is

Parliamentary democracy is existent in the British system of government.

Who is responsible for raising revenue through taxation or borrowing and for controlling public spending?

In the National Assembly total number of members from Wales is

Which international organisation is continuously working upon maintaining Global peace and prevention of war?

It is necessary to have one TV License to cover all equipments at one residence but separate Licences are required for maintaining appliances in shared houses or different rooms.

Civil servants forcibly have to extend their open support to party policies which are either impractical or incompatible with other policies

As per law children allowed to work from the age of

Collection of domestic waste comes under the responsibility of

What is the face value of a bank note in England

Based on particular issues The Queen is authorised to either support or criticise the Government publicly.

As per the legal system, maintenance of Census is compulsory

Who is supposed to be responsible for maintaining safety of a workplace?

Like other countries of the world, Britain is also a member of the UN.

Earlier, The House of Lords, used to be the higher authority than The House of Commons.

Minimum age for driving a large lorry or bus, is

Under which level AGCE fall into?

The dialect SCOUSE is spoken in

A film suitable to be watched by all, except for some parts that are unsuitable for children to watch, is classified as

Jewish population percentage in UK is

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