Free Life in the UK Practice Test 5

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How many Olympic gold awards has been won by the Scottish cyclist Sir Chris Hoy?

November fifth in many places regarded as

Self-employed individuals are supposed to pay their taxes on their own.

Which city in Europe has the longest dry ski slope?

In Scotland which of the following acts is better known as The Act of Union of 1707?

The police organisation is such set up as to form several teams of police each one headed by

Frequency of General Election is held in the UK every

During 1950’s the main reason for setting up of special immigration centres in the West Indies is to facilitate

Identify the year during which the Scottish Parliament started functioning?

Under what category of offence does Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) or taking a woman or lady abroad for FGM fall into

Ladies who crusaded for better rights were called

Credit unions are found to offer higher rate of interest compared to banks and building societies.

Concorde, the supersonic passenger aircraft was mutually build by

Tests on regular basis are compulsory for checking the progress of children.

Among the accompanying nations of the UK which one does NOT have its own banknotes?

What is the minimum age for contesting to getting elected as a MP?

Statistics shows that in Britain population of older people is very high whereas birth rate is very low.

Name the person who developed TV

During their initial arrival in Britain the Anglo-Saxons were NOT interested to take up Christianity when for the first time they came to Britain.

Which game is conducted at Royal Ascot?

What is the name of the Vice Admiral who made a landmark in Trafalgar Square, London passed on in an ocean battle in 1805?

Hanukkah is celebrated for

In the Crimean War which nation fought against Britain?

At which age Queen Victoria became monarch of the UK?

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