Free Life in the UK Practice Test 4

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Who built the Church of England?

Approximately what percentage of ladies are there in Britain’s workforce?

Channel Islands have their own governments?

Indicate among the following which can be cited as an example of common law?

In terms of years how long back did people start making bronze

Who was the opponent of Britain in the Crimean War?

Who among the following in Britain fought for changes in the 1830s and 1840s?

Who was the Patron Saint of Scotland?

Approximately how many years ago did Britain get differentiated from the mainland by the Channel?

Wales was not a party on the issue to Anglo-Saxon tenet

Civil servants of 18 and above without any record of criminal offences can stand for open office

Number candidates forming the National Assembly of Wales

People who migrated to Great Britain during 1680 to 1720 were known as

In the list of following nations who is NOT a member of Commonwealth?

Boxing Day is celebrated on

What was the minimum age for ladies given voting rights in 1918?

What was the religion of the Huguenots?

The government of UK does not have one of the following as its component. Which one is it?

In England Elizabethan period is considered to be a period of

The Scottish Parliament was shaped in

Among the following, who are the authorities making government arrangements in UK even when the rulers may exhort upon specific issues.

Normally, more number of young men than ladies graduate out of school with desired qualifications?

In the House of Commons who is the prime officer considered?

County Courts deal with

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