Free Life in the UK Practice Test 3

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Who are the legislative authorities of the Towns, urban areas and rustic zones of the UK?

Name of the person best fits with the ship "The Golden Hind" that circumnavigated the world.

Maiden Castle is situated in?

What best can be said with regard to the British Constitution?

People of which religion celebrate Hanukkah?

In the nineteenth century there was huge movement of Irish people to Britain. What excuse was cited against this movement?

Chancellor of the Exchequer is answerable for issues related to

Northern Ireland is not part of Great Britain, but it is part of the United Kingdom.

When did Queen Elizabeth II start her reign?

Name of the person having worked on "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy".

In the Universities Female students are found more than male.

What are the contents of "The Canterbury Tales"?

What was the actual duration of the Hundred Years War?

Where are the cases of denounced individuals of 10 to 17 heard in England, Wales and Northern Ireland?

The Council of Europe is also termed as EU

How many candidates constituted The National Assembly for Wales?

Where was Florence Nightingale born?

Belfast Agreement also called as

Who was the author of really popular British novel "Lucky Jim"?

What type of framework is construed by way of elections or decisions for European Parliament utilization?

Roald Dahl was popular for

Elections in regard to European Parliament are conducted each

"Jutes" who were one of the three powerful tribes, who attacked Britain, hailed from

Besides being the head of UK state, Queen Elizabeth II is additionally the head of state for