Free Life in the UK Practice Test 2

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Who was heading the Scottish armed forces against the English in the Battle of Bannockburn during 1314?

How many times till now were the Olympic Games conducted in the UK?

At no point of time was Scotland a part of Anglo-Saxon rule

Who was Robert Burns?

The modest cases strategy in England and Wales are utilized for cases of less than

How many permanent members are in the UN Security Council?

How many members are in the UN Security Council?

Who has had the authority to nominate companions for their own lifetime since beginning ie, 1958?

How frequently are the elections for The National Assembly of Wales held?

Among the following list of British motion picture which one is directed via Carol Reed?

During which period were the foreigners from West Indies first eagerly selected to move to UK?

What is the other name of Magna Carta?

What is the minimum age for contesting to getting elected as a MP?

The voting age for men and women was decreased to 18 in the year

William Caxton was the first individual in England to print banknotes utilizing a printing press.

The EU laws are also called

What are the members of the House of Lords known as?

What should be the age of a person to request for a free TV license?

Who wrote the books Charlie and The Chocolate Factory?

In what way is Roald Dahl renowned as

What must be the minimum age for riding a Moped?

Which of the following play was NOT composed by Shakespeare?

The UK government has the power to suspend all devolved assemblies. (for example Wales Assembly)

In the House of Commons the debates are chaired by