Free Life in the UK Practice Test 1

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Among the following countries which nation was Not on the Allies side?

Mo Farah, distance runner of British origin, was conceived in

Where is Maiden Castle located?

Who was the first Great Britain's Prime minister?

For what reason Remembrance Day is remembered?

Who popularly worked on Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy?

What was the age of Queen Victoria when she became the monarch of the UK?

Who directed the film The Belles of St Trinian's in the year 1954?

How many members constitute a Jury in Scotland?

Who set up the first formal slavery resisting groups in the late 1700s?

From the following list of games which is connected with Royal Ascot?

At the turn of the nineteenth century, what were the other requisites necessary in order to be able to vote other than being a man above the age of 21?

Official reports of Parliament processes are distributed as

How frequently do you need to take your Car for Ministry of Transport (Mot) Test if your Car is more than three years of age?

The procedure of helping individuals in claiming smaller benefits arising out of minor debates is a casual method and does not require for appointment of a legal counsellor.

Who is the Patron Saint of Scotland?

Which sport is associated with The Ashes?

Where is Snowdonia National Park situated?

What is the national anthem of UK?

Driving licence needs to be re-established at regular intervals of 5 years after the age of 70

Voting demographic can't be represented by the candidates of the House of Lords

The worldwide renowned painting Dedham Vale was painted by

November 5th is remembered as

The Cabinet members are delegated by

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