British Citizenship Practice Test 4

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Which statement is correct?

Who was defeated in the battle of Culloden?

Find out the correct statement.

When did the battle of Culloden took place?

Identify the TWO correct statements.

Slaves worked on which plantation?

Is the statement True or False

Slavery was abolished in British Empire.

The act of union is also called as

Who was Robert burns?

What was declaration of rights?

Who has become a constitutional monarch?

With which country Britain had a conflict in industrial revolution?

In which year slavery was abolished in British empire?

Is the statement True or False

East India Company gained control of large parts of India

Who helped James II to invade Ireland?

What is an important element of British society?

The treaty of union agreed in which year

Which of the following statement is correct?

In 18th century UK was dependent on which sectors?

When did canals & railways build?

From where did Jews & Huguenots arrive?

Identify the correct statement.

Who supported James to defeat William?

Who choose George-I to be king in 1714 ?