British Citizenship Practice Test 3

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Who was William of Orange?

Which person was sent to establish English parliament in Ireland?

Identify the correct statement

Who was a Shakespeare?

Identify the correct statement.

Which countries ruled by Charles-I?

Who was James II?

In which year civil war took place?

Is the statement True or False

Elizabeth becomes most popular monarchs in English history.

Which views of Charles-I were not liked by the puritans

Who became lord protector during the period 1658

What is ‘Glorious Revolution’?

Which kind of rule followed by James-I and Charles-I

Glorious Revolution took place during James II period. TRUE or FALSE?

Where did William Shakespeare born?

When did James II become king?

Charles-I was executed in which year?

Which act became law in 1679?

Which of the two statements are correct?

Is the statement True or False

Shakespeare’s plays and poems are still perform in Britain.

Who is called queen of Scots?

Which settlements are called plantations

Which of the statement is correct?

Identify the correct statement