British Citizenship Practice Test 2

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Which of the statement is correct:

Identify the correct statement:

Why the Vikings moved to Britain?

In the Norman conquest, who was killed in the battle by William?

Who was Geoffrey Chaucer?

Which two houses related to parliament in England?

Who started first printing press in England?

Identify the correct statement

England and Scotland followed the same legal system. TRUE or FALSE?

During middle ages who remained independent?

Which of the statement is correct:

Black death lead to which class development?

Hundred years war took place with which country?

The Norman Conquest was the last invasion of England. TRUE or FALSE?

Black death is caused due to

Which two countries first visited Britain

In which year the battle of Bosworth field took place?

Who introduced feudal system?

Vikings decide to live in Britain. TRUE or FALSE?

After Mary's death the next monarch was Elizabeth. TRUE or FALSE?

Identify the correct statement:

Which country became trading nation of wool?

Who is called “the conqueror” in the Norman conquest?

Which powers are strengthened by Henry VII to maintain his powers?

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