British Citizenship Practice Test 1

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Which of the following statement is correct:

The term Great Britain includes Northern Ireland. TRUE or FALSE?

St.Augustine became the first archbishop of canter bury. TRUE or FALSE?

Where is U.K parliament located

When did the first farmer arrive in Britain?

Britain was invaded by jutes, angels and Saxons. TRUE or FALSE?

Which of the following two are the part of U.K

How many years Romans remained in Britain

Who spread Christianity in Britain?

The U.K border agency provides you the computer information to become a citizen of U.K. TRUE or False?

Which two statements are correct:

Where is the statue of Boudicca located

Which of the following statement is correct:

Which of the two things you required to become a permanent resident in U.K

In which period Romans invaded Britain

Which of the following statement is true:

Which of the following statement is correct:

Identify the correct statement:

The Isle of Man is a part of U.K. TRUE or FALSE?

In stone age Britain was connected to which continent

Which of the statement is correct:

The first Christian community appeared in 3rd & 4th centuries. TRUE or FALSE?

For a citizen, the U.K offers in return

In which age first coins were made in Britain

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