Life in the UK Test 2015 (3rd Edition) - Practice UK Citizenship Questions

Practice Life in the UK Test 3rd Edition Questions

The life in the UK test for living in the UK just got a little tougher. As per government policies from March 25, 20013 one has to now take the revised Life in the UK Test in order to attain naturalization or permanent residence in the United Kingdom.

Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents - 3rd Edition

The life in the UK test has been based on the handbook A Guide for New Residents (3rd Edition). You need to go through this handbook in detail, since all the questions for the test will be based on its contents. The handbook is meant to equip and inform people about life in the UK.

The 3rd edition is an updated version with quite a bit of additional information. In effect, it means you need read and remember a fair bit of data on all things British, especially its history. You have to study about 11,500 words more than the previous years. The Life in the UK Test 2013 seems particularly hard on the dates. You will now have to mug up 210 dates instead of the previous 30. These cover birthdays, wars, coronations and elections.

Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents - 3rd Edition handbook covers a range of topics that includes information on the entire process for becoming a citizen, the basic principles of British life, its culture, history and tradition. The division of chapters is as follows:

First Chapter: Values and Principles of The UK

This chapter is meant to inform you about not just the privileges, but also the responsibilities of a British citizen.

Second Chapter: What is The UK?

This is to inform you about the countries that make up the UK, their unique governance and the country's formation. It also tells one about areas that come under Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories.

Third Chapter: A Long and Illustrious History

By far the longest chapter, it covers the entire history of the UK - from the Stone Age to the year 2010. Given Britain's tumultuous history and its profound influence on the world, this chapter is rather expansive and important. Apart from wars, reigns and trade, it also talks about important historic figures.

Fourth Chapter: A Modern Thriving Society

This chapter deals with the British society as it is today. It tells one customs, traditions and the religions followed in the UK. It also covers popular sports, art & culture, leisure activities and places of interests.

Fifth Chapter: The UK Government, The Law and Your Role

This chapter deals with the British civic society - its democracy, constitution, systems of governance and its relationship with various international bodies. It also informs you of the importance of following the law and your role in its society.

Although the subject has increased, the 24 multiple-choice question format remains the same. You have to answer these questions in 45 minutes and achieve at least 75% to pass the life in the UK practice test.

So get cracking on the handbook. You can also take our practice tests to prepare for the Life in the UK Test 2015. It will give you a fair idea of your readiness.

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